TokenReporter: A peek at "It's happening!"

Welcome back to TokenReporter. This is a peek at our subscriber-only Wednesday post. Things are changing even more over here and I’m excited to share something I’m working on with some friends - but it’s not quite ready yet. Until then, keep me posted on your ICOs and let’s talk some tokens.


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It’s Happening!

Although it doesn’t seem like it I’m actually pretty bearish on crypto. I think the industry, as it exists today, is populated by the worst of the worst with a few shining lights embedded in the crud. I think the promise of crypto has been oversold and the reality has yet to be delivered and I think that things will get worse before they get better.

And yet…

This week I’m working on a longer post about a company called Agora. Their news is still private but essentially they are working with a very small country to put its voting records on the blockchain. This move, while the technical equivalent of replacing a trusted, reliable data store with something with the speed and accuracy of an Microsoft Access database, is heartening only because the players doing it aren’t crowing, aren’t claiming to have solved the voting problem, and they’re not pretending that they’ve done anything except try something different.

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