TokenReporter: A Peek At "How To Use Telegram"

This week I’d like to share with you a few of the tricks I use to gather data on upcoming ICOs and assess scams as they happen.

ICO discussions happen in three places: SlackDiscord, and Telegram. There are other chats in other spots and I’ll show you those in a week or so but for now please visit the App Store and pick up Telegram.

Telegram is popular because it allows for massive groups - there are some with 32,000 members - and is encrypted. They offer a number of versions including iOS, desktop, and Android. I use it primarily on iOS and all it requires for login is a phone number. I’m @johnbiggs if you join and you’re lonely.

There are two points when you fill find yourself needing telegram. First, most token sales use Telegram for their “shareholder” communications. For example, you’ll find things like this room for the IOTeX ICO which forwards you directly to the room. Further, you’ll find a number of interesting rooms dedicated to investing.


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