How to succeed in temporary / non-permanent hair coloring?

For a few days or to take advantage of the summer to add a touch of madness to your daily life, discover the tips and tricks to succeed in your temporary coloring and change your style while respecting your hair…

Temporary colors, from a few days to a few weeks

This technique allows coloring the hair shaft without reaching the heart of the hair.

The base of the hair therefore remains intact and the colored pigments are superimposed on the natural pigments to shade them.

This type of coloring is intended to last for some time before disappearing quite naturally after a few shampoos for fleeting coloring, and a few weeks for temporary coloring.

The temporary color goes away as you rinse when you wash your hair, because your colored hair will gradually get wet .

The major advantage is to avoid the root effect when your hair grows back. The unwanted reflections are also supposed to disappear little by little.

Another major advantage is that this type of product is less aggressive  : ideal for fragile or damaged hair! Indeed, there are no oxidizing agents  (ex: ammonia) as for bleached hair.

Does it work on all colors?

Yes and no… I would say it depends on your base color and the color you want to get! If you have brown hair and want to have a platinum blonde (or even an ash blonde), it's going to be complicated without fading .

However, it is possible to have a light brown from a golden blonde base for example.

The temporary colo = reflections, nuances, depth

It must be assumed that you will not have lightening of your hair with the temporary dye because there is no oxidation. But you can darken your hair without worries.

In reality, I use temporary coloring to revive a color, or add pretty reflections with purple or caramel tones for example. You will not necessarily change your hair color radically, but it can be a little extra to boost and enhance your current color.

A solution for the first gray hair

If you start to have a few scattered white hairs, know that non-permanent dyes can also mask almost 30% to 50% of our unsightly white hair . If your hair seriously tends towards pepper and salt, permanent coloring is more indicated!

In the meantime, I still prefer tone-on-tone coloring to mask gray hair. The coverage is better than the temporary coloring (it fades less quickly), it gives nice reflection without damaging as much as the permanent color.

Non permanent hair coloring, necessarily at the hairdresser?

Although the hairdresser increases your chances of having a successful coloring thanks to the advice and know-how of an expert, you can very well make an ephemeral dye at home . Many brands provide shampoos to apply at home with multiple shades to find the one that suits you.

If you do not use a colorist, but you do your temporary hair coloring at home like me, I recommend that you follow the instructions, and especially the exposure time so as not to have damaged hair. Look here for additional insights: best silver hair dye

If you have long hair , take the necessary precautions with 2 boxes of coloring! It will save you from being stranded in the middle of application